Monday, March 16, 2009

Creative Solution to a Security Problem

Recently the security at my job decided that in order to make their job easier they would prohibit employees from carrying regular purses and handbags on the sales floor or in the store when they are on the clock. They gave us each a 6" X 9" vinyl zipper pouch to replace our purses. They also said that if we needed a bigger bag we were allowed to get them but that they needed to be transparent and we had to pay for them ourselves.

So with Josh in tow I went out in search of a clear vinyl hand bag or tote that could fit my needs. We tried Walmart, Kmart and I also called JoAnn Fabrics, Robberts Crafts and Michael's all of which said they didn't have any prefab bags or as in the case of Walmart you had to spend at least $19 on a mid-sized bag from the cosmetics department filled with makeup stuff. Of course since I have to be able to fit a spare pair of shoes in my bag this was not acceptable. Finally tired and fed-up my patient husband said, " That's it we're going to a fabric store. If we bought the plastic stuff could you make your own bag?"

So we headed over to Hancock Fabrics and $4.48 later I had my vinyl, binding tape, and thread, all ready to make my bag. So with the stuff I bought and the stuff I already had I made the ideal bag for me.

I have since decided to use the bag that I originally got from security, but since it did match the new bag I decided to fancy it up.

I decided to try my hand at selling these bags to co-workers that cannot find a bag that they are satisfied with.