Friday, August 13, 2010


I forgot to tell you how much fun we had pick blackberries with my mother-in-law yesterday.

Sooooo yummy!!

Purple fingers!

Next week: blackberry and apricot jam!

Due to Computer Upgrades.....

I know today is Friday, and that's two days later than I usually post but my father-in-law bought me a copy of Windows 7 to pay my husband back for the computer he built out of our old computer stuff. So as you can guess, my husband was all too excited to get my operating system loaded, ie reformatting and re-installing for the last day and a half. Oh well I got some lovely photos for you in the mean time.

You will be proud to know that I was successfully able to exercise on three days over the last week including yesterday.  I mostly rode the bike but I was successful in getting to all of the exercises I wanted to yesterday. I weighed in at: 181.

As for any projects or progress this week I decided to work on a project for myself that I packed away and found again recently.  It's a scarf crocheted from embroidery floss.  I started it back in 2005, I think, and worked on it on and off through 2007.  When I pulled it out, I realized I couldn't remember what stitch I had been using and that I had a better pattern in mind to make it more appealing, so I took it apart and wound it into what I thought would be one ball, but in fact turned out to be about 4 smaller balls and one large one.  It turns out that I had crocheted to a point then flipped around to the other end then crocheted to a point and then did the same thing again a few more times.  I can't really say I knew what I was thinking back then, but since then I have grown so much in my knowledge and technique that I was able to turn this project for the better.

On a side note I also bought myself a present on Wednesday.  I was buying some yarn for a project I'm going to be starting soon and I mistakenly happened to wander over to their books section and pulled out a book I've checked out from the library more times than I can count, Kyuuto! Lacy Crochet:

I first checked out after seeing it somewhere online, since I love japanese sewing books.  It's lovely, and the patterns are so pretty that I have ended up using them for gifts several times.  Chronicle Books, who publishes the "Kyuuto!" series of craft books has a really wonderful repertoir of craft and sewing books I would suggest.

Anyway, happy week everyone.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekly Thursday......weigh-in???

Okay so I went to war with the hedge next our driveway and after a day long battle, I prevailed but not without hands.  I managed to either tire the muscles or bruise my palm pads, or something because yesterday I had no proper strength in my hands and it hurt to grip things.  Anyway, I decided to do nothing with my hands yesterday, meaning I also didn't get my blog typed. ^^0

I improved my score!!!  I exercised 2.5 days!  I say 0.5 because yesterday I did about half of the exercise I usually do on the bike.  I also finally weighed and measured myself here you go:

Weight: 180 lbs
Bust: 39.75 "
Waist: 33"
Hips: 47"
Thigh: 24.13"
Calf: 15"
Ankle: 9.5"
Upper Arm: 12.25"

I know that this is not an improvement since the last time I weighed and measured, however I'm trying to do my best not to dwell on the negative and move forward.  Anyway, onward and upward!

As for my productivity this week, it did consist or more than a gladiator fight with a shrub.  I successfully completed a hat for a friend's birthday present.

Here is her daughter modeling it for you (sorry for the blurriness of the photos). 

I decided to include two corsages this time.  I very pleased with how they turned out.  I've been wondering if I might actually be able to sell these on my Etsy shop.  Do you think these would sell?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

I hope that you're last week turned out well, and that your next week is awesome and fulfilling.