Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Passed With Flying Colors!

Charm, elegance and poise, that's what I had hoped to get out of my ballet class this semester.  Unfortunately I ended up with a broken foot.  I guess that shows my degree of determination to get good marks in a class I felt ill equipped to take.  It paid off too, because I got an A- out of the class even though I broke my foot halfway through the semester. 

In many ways I needed to take that class, as well as the other classes I have taken over the last two semesters coming back to school.  Ballet taught me to value my own efforts.  I learned that hard work does pay off even and especially if you don't have the best body alignment, or are the most graceful to begin with.  It changed the way I look at myself.  Even though I felt myself to be the most clumsy, awkward and uncoordinated female in a class of about 29 females and three males I learned I was still okay.  I was able to work on my own weaknesses and help others with the things I am good at.  Ballet helped me to acknowledge and like myself better.

Here's to straight A's in all my classes!

~ Fraise