Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Uber Chub

I, Lacee, officially declare war on rotund parts of my body!  I have amassed an all-time high for weight at a staggering 173 lbs.  No more, I say!  I do hereby decree every Wednesday as a weigh-in day in order to hold myself accountable.  I wish to solicit your help and support in creating a healthier, fitter happier me.  So without further ado here are today's initial stats.
Weight:         173lbs or 78.5 k
Bust:             40.5"
Waist:           32.75"
Hips:             44.88"
Thigh:            23.25"
Calf:              14.75"
Ankle:           8.88"
Upper Arm:  11.5"

I realize that many of you don't have the key to go off of.  For kicks I am using the chart in the Charm book I've mentioned before, "The Secrets of Charm."  Based on my height and wrist measurement (you measure the bony part of wrist) my ideal weight is 135lbs.  I realize that this book is outdated in many ways but it is helping me to set a goal to head for.  As for the rest of my ideal stats they are as follows:
Bust: 35", Waist: 25", Hips: 35", Thigh: 19", Calf: 13", Ankle: 8" and Upper Arm: 9".

I have decided on and setup an exercise routine  including riding our stationary, recumbent bike, Yoga, ballet barre exercises, going hiking with my husband, walking with one of my friends, the exercises in the charm book and gardening.  Don't worry my goal isn't to get all of that done every day I have set it up so that I'm trading off so that I'm using different muscles everyday and making it fun.  Wish me luck!