Monday, August 15, 2011

Rio Tinto Family Night

 We all look forward to this every year, a fun night to go with the girls and play games and eat lots of free food.  In the past they have held it at the soccer stadium and put up soccer stations or obstacle courses, had live music and balloon artists.  They would open up all of the stadium concessions and we could pretty much eat all our hearts desired.

This year, however Rio Tinto rented out Utah Hogle Zoo for an entire two days!  We decided to go on Friday with some friends and we had a blast!

Admittedly we didn't see tons of animals, but like Marina, the friends that came have a little girl of two, so we mostly rode on the train and carousel, ate free concessions, and played with the water spraying dinosaurs.

We got to see a really funny family of spider monkeys though, the baby kept climbing the fence and jumping on the adults.

A lonesome looking silver-back gorilla.

Multiple birds, like grouse, turkeys, peacocks, and some other tropical birds, like a talking cockatoo who whistled and then waved his wing and said good-bye when a little boy waved at him.

Gabby really liked looking at the bald eagles.  We were fortunate enough that the nocturnal tigers in the Asian Highlands section of the park were out.

The little girls kept getting side tracked whenever we would pass a shop.  It was pretty funny, especially when Mirna found a pink plastic explorer hat and tried it on.

We had a good time, even if we only got there at 4 pm.  One of Mirna's favorite things was the water misting fans.  She kept playing in front of them and wanted to be up high so she could get a full blast from them.

Little kids and water, .....never a dull moment.

Well I hope that where ever you are in the world, you get the opportunity to go to your local zoo before summer is out.  As well as some other fun and interesting summer activities.

Anyway happy Monday everyone!

~ Fraise

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