Friday, October 11, 2013

Rekindling Old Ties

Sunday for our second day of the trip Orion and I got to meet Loren's sister Becky for the first time.  She had flown down to be with us for a part of this trip.  It was most momentous as Orion had spoken on the phone but never met his Aunt Becky.  She lives in New York and so arranging a meeting easily was not realistically doable.  At breakfast he wanted to sit next to Grandma and Aunt Becky.  He was very affectionate and seemed taken with his Aunt Becky.

Later we went to visit Loren's Aunt and cousins.  They live up a canyon about 45 minutes outside of Anaheim.  We had quite the adventure trying to get to their house.  I told Loren parts of it felt like a cross between Park City and rural France.  It only lacked the stones walls topped with broken glass to keep the vagrants/vandals out.

It was a nice visit.  Loren's cousin Gara was a nice hostess and had quite a large lunch prepared for us.  He husband is a fix-in guy and loves to haunt flea markets, garage sales and estate sales.   The property was decorated with many of of his finds and treasures.  They even had two chandeliers that a client had him switch out which he had arranged under a trellis/a-framed arched gateway.  It was very charming the way they had things arranged.  He regaled us with stories of how his grandfather acquired the property for $500 then the house in two pieces each for $25.

Orion was very taken with a hot-rod tricycle he found.  They had it tricked out with many of the same accents of a red corvette convertible from the 1950's.  It had the bullet-style lights, chrome and fenders reminiscent of the cars from that era.

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