Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Arrived!

Well, I've finally gotten my act together and setup a blog. Heaven knows I've got friends and family that have all got them and even my own mother says she thinks I should have a blog at least for artistic networking. So I've finally arrived, I sure you're all very relieved. ~.^

Most know about the interesting last month I have had between trying to get my entry done for the LDS International Art Competition, totalling my car and other fun things...I'm glad to say I've survived and am on my way back to swimming full speed ahead. I'm so glad I have such wonderful friends and family that support me in my artistic endevors and help me to overcome some of the more technical aspects that I for some reason always forget about until the last minute.

Here's to fall and moving forward!


Nancy said...

Hello Cuteness,

Love your blog! I'm proud of you for pressing forward with your art. You truly are blessed with a great talent and I'm not just saying that because I'm your aunty!

Love you!

Nancy said...

Just viewed your portfolio...amazing! I LOVE the Lamanite Girl and Horse Pasture!

Josh said...


I know you hear this often, but, probably not nearly enough.

I'm proud of you in all that you do, and I'm always amazed at the artwork you produce. Your talents are bountiful and are only surpassed by your capacity for love and compassion.

I love you Lace,

- Josh

Becky said...

LACEE!! I'm so glad you started a blog, it looks great! (Your portfolio is awesome.) Now I'm expecting wonderful things from you! (no pressure!)

Sachiko said...

Lacee! Your art work is amazing! I will check your post often.

McFam said...

Lacee, this looks great! Thanks for sharing it!