Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Ramblings

Well, you all should be proud of me!  My husband finally finished clearing away his boxes and I was able to use the stationary bike for the first time in ages today.  ☺  I didn't weigh myself yet though I suppose I should to have a new starting point.  Buuut, since it's late I think that will definitely have to wait until tomorrow.  So as far as this subject goes to report this week: exercise 1 day this week.

I was also able to make some progress in the gardens today as well, though unfortunately I may have to wait until next week to post the after shot, due to this impressive pile of branches we cut today:

I was also able to plant the zucchini sprouts today.  They were getting tall enough to lift the clear top to the seeder tray up off of the base on one side.  The beets, carrots and brussel-sprouts are all sprouting too.  Unfortunately I have yet to see evidence of the chives though.  We have been trimming and eating the loose lettuces, spinach and radish greens.  I have even gone so far as to cut a few leaves off of the Boston Butter Leaf stalks (since so far they have not developed as heads).  I can't figure out why they are still stalks though, guess that's going to have to be one I research.  I think our strawberry season has officially ended.  I know that two of them are supposed to be ever-bearers but I've also been told that they have to grow for a few years before they  have a well established fruit production.  I guess it's like lavender, which doesn't start blooming until it's second to third year.  I can't wait until my lavender is that established, my porch will smell so heavenly! *^^*

On a side note, I'm proud to announce that I successfully made two japanese dishes: Chicken Katsu and Beef Teriyaki.  The katsu was inspired by Sachiko's blog post (as well as my husband's want for a meat lover's meal).  Here are the recipes I used for the Chicken Katsu and the tonkatsu sauce.  I was pleasantly pleased to find a 1980's cooking show from Japan for english speakers called "Cooking Japanesque" on making beef teriyaki.  However I had neither the Mirin or the sake lying around the house, I didn't even have rice vinegar, so I substituted white vinegar for the sake and ended up just using Sutter Home Chardonnay for the mirin (since it too is a japanese cooking alcohol).  What I ended up with was more than likely more a western beef dish than true teriyaki, but I followed the same process outlined in the video, and the out come was very tasty.

Anyway, I hope your week was as eventful as mine.  Good luck and happy discovering!


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