Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weekly Wednesday and Annivrsary Madness

So, yes I know you haven't heard from me in two weeks, and I apologize profusely.  I started the 5-Day Projects only not to post another thing for 10 days.  Unbeknown to me, last week, my husband planned activities every  night to celebrate our wedding anniversary since we both had to work on the day of our anniversary:

♥  We went to dinner at the Cheese cake factory and saw "Despicable Me" on Monday

♥  Tuesday we both got into bed really early to snuggle and watch movies all night together.
♥  Wednesday we just went out on a Drive and went shopping together and talked
♥  Thursday we went to the Jordan River LDS temple and did some proxy sealings for my maternal biological great-grandfather and some of his nieces and nephews (that was really cool!)
♥  Friday we had a really nice dinner at Takashi, our favorite sushi restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City
♥  Saturday (I did have to work at my second job, and we had breakfast with my mother-in-law) but after all that we curled up in bed, ate our leftover sushi and the new "Red Dragon with Mustard Seeds" cheese and baguette I got at Harmons and watched Star Trek the Next Generation.

 It was so fun!  Because of this you can probably guess that I didn't get a chance to blog, exercise, or sew anything.   I was lucky however, I like to do things while I watch TV and my boss at the Community College store doesn't mind if we bring a book or a hand project to work on when business is slow.  So I brought my knitting and on Friday night I finished a hat I've been working on for a friend's 15 year old daughter.

It's a cable knit beanie with a detatchable corsage that was inspired somewhat by the work of Sachiko at Tea Rose Home, and Disney at Ruffles and Stuff.

I'm really proud of how it turned out, since this was the first corsage I've ever made.  I used three crocheted flowers, an old button from my collection and some beads.  You can sort of see it in these photos but there are also small green shiny beads that were sewn sporadically all over the smallest green flower kinda like the spots on a Star-gazer Lilly.  I wanted to go for low key sparkle.

Anyway I hope your week was marvelous, as was mine.  Over-all last week I exercised 1 day and this week I exercised 1 day.  Well that's at least some progress.

~ Fraise

P.S. This post was in Tea Rose Home's weekly Wednesday "Link Party".


Wendy Kremin said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary week. I'm so happy for you and love you guys!!!

Sachiko said...

Hi Lacee!

Your crochet hat turned out so nicely. :) Also, congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful week together. You made me wanna go to Takashi!