Sunday, May 29, 2011

Showered with Gifts

The other day my boss was talking about cleaning out her dad's home after they had installed him at a care center.  She mentioned that they had found all sorts of things including two hand-crank wheat grinders.  This week she showed up with this in tow and gave it to me as well as a 13 gal trash bag of yarn skeins and balls.

She said that some of them had belonged to her late mother, and that some looked to have been in some sort of kit.  We think they might have been a rug kit as the texture of them is far more coarse that that of the other yarns.

She further explained that the yarns she was giving me were the worsted weight yarns that were in colors she found ugly or could see no use for as well as a select few smaller gauged yarns of the same description.

I tell you it is a marvel at how many lovely colors and varied textured yarns she gave me! ☺

I can think of a few uses for them such as as a variegated wheat colored flower, or as some sort of colorful flower combo.  I'm so excited!

Hope that your Sunday is lovely and filled with color.


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