Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Turned Photographer

Do you remember this little girl?  And how I wrote about how she loves to be the center of attention when the camera comes out?  Well either her Aunt Sisi (me) is wearing off on her or she's starting to discover her own creative bug, because her new favorite thing is to be the photographer whenever she sees a camera.  She asks if we can take pictures all the time even when it isn't out too.

The fun thing is that even though she's just pointing the camera at random and clicking, she has a unique and some times quite brilliant eye. I thought I would show you some of her photographic work (click on the images to see a bigger, clearer version):

She may turn out to be quite the little artist as time goes by.

I'm excited to see what times brings with this one!


(This one was also taken by Mirna.)

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