Thursday, January 30, 2014

It Takes Guts

So as I predicted yesterday we took a breather today.  We spent the first half of the day at the hotel relaxing and spending time together.  It has been really nice eating on the balcony and watching the ocean and the boats.  The weather has been comfortable.  It has been quiet as there aren't many that walk around on the terrace outside our balcony.
Later we headed out to the suggested Market 28 to get some fun stuff to bring home.  Nothing is marked with any price, so finding out how much they want to sell things for is part of the fun of shopping there.  When you balk at the price they begin the haggling process.  We ended up coming away with a few nice items.  Loren got me this nice cotton outfit to wear in warmer weather.  I was advised by our personal shopping assistant that it is all hand made.  He asked if we were honeymooners, to which we answered yes.  When Loren asked how he knew, he said because Loren looked tired and I looked happy.  I looked at Loren pointedly to asked coyly what reason he would have to be tired.

As had we ridden the bus into town to get us to the market we wanted to ride the bus to get us back.  Unfortunately we had the bad luck of being on a one way street with little indication where the bus ran in the opposite direction.  Trying to read the map from the hotel front desk was a little daunting and a few attempts to get directions at a gas station backfired.  So a bottle of Fresca later we were walking down the one way street taking another whack at following the map.  We stopped some slightly more American looking individuals that looked like they knew where they were going, hoping to be able to get further directional clarification.  Alas it was a pair of French Canadians who spoke no English and were as lost as we were, after not actually making it to Playa del Carmen.  I ended up giving them directions to Market 28 and we were again on our way.
By this time my flip flops were giving me a blister and I wished to travel no further without proper direction or medical aid.  So, without further ado, I popped into a nearby Dominos and asked if anyone spoke English.  We were lucky enough to find an individual who spoke some broken English and I was able to get directions to a nearby pharmacy and a heading to follow for the correct bus line.  In the pharmacy we dealt with a similar situation as the previous gas station, however upon indicating the blister on my foot we were able to acquire a box of bandaids with many smiles and kindness.  While waiting for Loren to pay for the bandages I happened to notice a candy bar on the rack in front of me.  It was my middle name!  Awesome, and my mother always gives demerol all the credit.  So of course we had to buy it.
When we finally made it back to the hotel a feat in and of itself we decided to take a breather and Loren read to me in our room while we shared some strawberry ice cream.  After this we enjoyed another round of massages and dinner.  To say the least it has been a very interesting day.

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