Sunday, January 26, 2014

Under the Sea

As with most new experiences today's snorkeling expedition was froth with excitement, a little peril and a massive learning curve.  I rapidly discovered that not only does sea water taste incredibly foul but that it is too astringent on the eyes.

Through help from our guides and much trial an error I was able to finally adjust to the mask and snorkel.  I found I had to hold the mask to my face in order to ensure my contacts were safe from any sea-born invasions.  That only left me to empty my snorkel periodically so as not to to inhale the ocean through my own personal breathing tube.  Loren said his previous snorkeling experience had used superior snorkels that prevented water from entering from the top.
--Note to self make sure you get one of these!

Feeling like Triton's own daughter I was finally able to enjoy the scenery. It was amazing to me how alien the world looks under the water.  From massive brain corals that looked a double for extra-terrestrial eggs to fan-like or branchy Gorgonian corals resembling more flora than fauna.  We swam through miniature coral canyons and underwater savannas.  At one point there was a fish I could swear was following our snorkeling party.

Our tour took us to two locations in the morning, fed us an incredible lunch and then took us to a third larger spread out area that we were allowed to explore on our own.  During the third trip Loren and I got separated and I swam to each loose group looking for him.  We had swam generally together the whole day and it was disconcerting to find myself away from him.  It turns out he had been looking for me as well.  We are truly two peas in a pod.

On this mini trip I had the unique opportunity to use my language.  There happened to be a french woman in our group as well as some French Canadians.  I was able to chat with and translate for the french woman, whose name was is Magalie.  She in turn walked me through the basics of snorkeling. It was such a joy.

(all underwater photos were borrowed from other sites as we did not end up buying a waterproof camera.)

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