Monday, August 15, 2016

Virtual Ecstasy

Though my husband refutes any such thing the Park City Arts Festival is definitely a celebration of visual delights. Today the was such a good experience meeting other artists, getting inspiration and observing professional practices regarding branding and marketing materials. I found many different approaches to art and it was interesting to talk to the artists and learn more about their stories, techniques, processes and inspirations. The artists whose art I like better also seemed to generally have it together with business an marketing materials ready. I was actually surprised how many artists did not have marketing materials or even business cards available for patrons of the festival. It was a good lesson in what not to do when participating in an event. People may not always be able to purchase something at the festival but they may be interested in making a purchase later on. Self promotion seems to be as much planning for the future as it is for the present.

Since this was the first time he'd been to an even quite like this, Orion really struggled staying entertained, even with the scavenger hunt he was handed at the entrance along with his wristband. I'm glad he was interested in some of the art and was able to still talk about some of what he liked the best. In the end however after four hours and seeing about half of the festival we left to go get some food back at the condo with my in-laws. I hope to convince my husband to go with me next time just the two of us so we can see more and stay longer.