Monday, June 29, 2015

Winding Down

Our journey has ended.  We are back home and going back to the daily grind but I wanted to include a few photos an thoughts about the last two days of our trip.

Idaho Falls has a beautiful park and we decided before leaving we should take a family walk through it.  Orion had fun trying to get his picture with every bench and sculpture and tried to convince us a metal topiary moose was real.  It was nice to just enjoy looking at the falls, temple and watch the boys goof around on the shore made of large volcanic rock.

We stopped in Pocatello to eat at a diner called Elmer's that serves a yummy looking German Pancake I might like to come back and try again.  They were good.  They had a fish and chips basket that served not just halibut but salmon and prawns.  Their tarter sauce was home made too.  Loren said it was the best patty melt he'd had all trip too.

When we finally got to Lava Hot Springs, it was 4 pm.  We decided to go to our hotel and get checked in first.  We ended up going to enjoy the hot pools that night as it is open until 11 pm.  Unfortunately thought we tried to make him understand we would just be soaking Orion was angry and bored in just five minutes.  No matter how many times we explained we would be swimming the next day.  So we made the best of it and  enjoyed the hot soak.  I'm not entirely sure what Orion expected when we said a hot spring is like a big hot tub.

Our hotel, the Harkness Hotel, was amazing.  This little gem was opened a year ago in the small town of McCammon, ID.

 The Harkness Hotel the owner told us was once a conglomeration of a bank and apartments, and they are slowly acquiring and converting other spaces in adjoining buildings to enlarge their accommodations.  Our room was the "Gold" room.


They have done it all themselves and have tried to create an upscale luxurious hotel to stay at.  In part I think due to our interest in the hotel itself and it's history, the owner took us around and showed us the other spaces they were working towards converting.  All along giving us the history of each space and some of the treasures they have found in each.  This is definitely a spectacular find at only two hours from Salt Lake, we wish we'd come here instead of the nniversary Inn when we were married.  Loren and I have already talked about going back as a couple.

Orion finally got his swimming in.  He went on three of the four water slides at the Olympic pool with his dad.  We ate at the 78 main Restaurant and had some good burgers before heading back home.  I drove the whole trip except for 12 miles, I am proud of myself.