Saturday, December 18, 2010

Camera Shy

Isn't it interesting how as we get older we get less and less accommodating when someone tries to take our picture?  It seams like for the most part we all start out oblivious to the camera, and then once we learn what it means when that gadget is whipped out, we either love it or hate it.  As time goes on we get goofier and sillier and as kids and we find it amusing to do do weird things for a photo.  Later on our ridiculous behavior either gets worse as teenagers.  Or instead, in embarrassment we tend to hide or to blend in with the furniture, like chameleons.  Finally as adults we either give up and ignore the camera completely, accept our lot and suffer through, or good-naturedly smile and strike a pose.  What triggers this continual love/hate relationship through life with being seen on film (or rather at this point in time digitally).

Mirna's favorite toy to play with me, whenever I am over, is either my phone or my camera (though the latter is more so probably because it meows when it turns on).  She loves to look at the photos on my phone and she loves to have her photo taken.  If I try to take a photo of someone or something else she always says, "No, Mirna."

I wonder what direction this little girl's love of seeing herself captured digitally will evolve into.   For now,  I think I'll just have fun while it lasts!


PS. Sorry about posting twice in one day, the post before this one was some thing I started a few days ago, but have been down with a cold and only got it posted today.

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