Sunday, December 5, 2010

Making Adjustments

Well it was an adventure.  Sorry to leave you high and dry for three days, but I felt that I should give myself a little bit of time to recuperate and reajust to my life here in the States again. Needless to say that after flight delays, missing flights, sick kids and 24 hours without sleep, it was a necessary respite. 

I am excited to start December, it has always been a special month for me.  It reminds me of years past attending the Nutcracker with my mom, cardboard sledding with my younger brother, and decorating for Christmas.

It's a time that most associate with good will and commercialism, but I like to think of it as a time to use my talents to bring a smile to those around me.  It has always been fun to sleuth out what each family member might like or need and come up with a creative way to give it to them.  Be it a scarf for my mom. or a painting for my dad, I always like to put a lot of thought into Christmas gifts each year.

Most of all I think the things that make me smile the most are the almost magical transformations of the winter season.  All that might have been dirty, or confused, is covered in a pristine blanket of white.  It adds a mystical quality to the same neighborhood I see every day.  As if the events of the past are made clean in preparation for the coming new year.

I wish you a happy beginning of December, and hope that you are warm and cozy tonight!


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