Monday, November 29, 2010

1 Day and Counting

Today I ended up mostly walking around down town on my own.  I went to lunch with two of the friends that I had made at church and then decided to shop around a little bit.

I was nice to be able to get out and see things one last time.  I suspect that most of tomorrow will be spent packing and cleaning and getting ready to go.We already weighed on of the big bags and it came out at 22,5 kilos, and the limit is 23.  We may have some rearranging to do.

Zagreb is really a wonderful city, charming and full of such a rich history.  I has been such a pleasure and a priviledge to be able to come here not just as a tourist but to be able t get to know it, a little from the "inside," by living amongst some of it's people and being able to share in their customs and traditions, and well as share some of my own.  I have come for the most part to think of Marina's family as my own extended family.

 Me, Zdenko, Tete Ana, Marijah, and Mirna

I think one of my goals when I get home is learn more about the country of Croatia, and to learn more about Zagreb itself.  I know for now I have only scratched the surface.  I will miss getting to know it better personally, face to face.  I hope that I will be able to return here very soon.

~ Fraise

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