Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 Years *^^*

Hard to believe it's been five years already since we got married.  Also hard to believe it will be our last "Harry Potter" anniversary too.  Every year since we were married a Harry Potter movie or book release has fallen on or around our anniversary.  The year Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book 7) was released, (and our second anniversary) we spent the entire day hanging out at Borders and Barnes and Noble getting our books, and then listed to the audio book together almost all night.  That was really fun to do together too.

This year since Harry Potter came out on the 15th we decided to wait an see it on our anniversary, since this was the last year we would be able to do continue this tradition.

We had a good time at the movie.  I wish they could have included some more of the details from the book, but I know I was lucky they kept what they did. My husband says he's gong to get us both halves of the Harry Potter 7 movie for Christmas this year.  Amazing that it's finally over.

We continued another tradition too, in that we went to Takashi, the same sushi restaurant that we go to every year as well.  That started the little "stay-cation" honey moon of a few says that we had after we were married since we had to wait until my husband's finals were done to go on our real honey moon three weeks later.

It's our favorite sushi and the one I took my husband too while we were dating, that go him to love and appreciate sushi.  It's a place we've taken numerous family and friends to and one that our cousins and his wife, Sachiko go to whenever they can make it up to Salt Lake to get away.

It was so yummy and we had a good time reminiscing about past years when we've gone and the change of decor for the seasons as well as some of the various chalk paintings we've seen on the Specials menu on the wall.  I think this restaurant will always hold a special place in our hearts.

I'm happy and blessed to have found the man I have.  It's been a rocky five years and I know neither one of us has had a stress-free time, but we're continually pressing forward, hand in hand.

I'm only too proud to look back at the terrain we've covered together, and to see our hard work paying off in all aspects of our marriage.  It makes me excited to see what we can accomplish together in the next five years.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!


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