Friday, July 22, 2011

Ferris Wheels and Fun

A couple of weeks ago Marina and I took the girls and a neighbor boy to Taylorsville Dayzz, sort of a "state fair" for the city of Taylorsville.  They bring in rides and food, have competitions, a petting zoo, an outdoor exhibition area for vendors and artisans that want to sell and promote their stuff, a concert for the adults and fireworks.  We've gone before but the girls were a little too small to ride on the rides.

This year however Mirna rode on everything they had for the little children.  We even all rode the ferris wheel together.  (I will say that though I enjoy ferris wheels, this one was not as fun during the loading stage, as the seats would swing back and forth as they moved the ride slowly backwards to load the people on and off).

Mirna had a blast though.  Gabby even rode two rides with her sister.  We had a good time riding the carousel together as well, though for some reason, Mirna chose to ride on the fancy bench they had on the ride, as opposed to one of the animals.

We had fun watching a dace troupe, do everything from little girls standing on stage trying to follow their teacher on the ground in pink tutu's to adults clogging and doing various line dances.  Mirna told me she wanted a pink tutu like the little girls had.  Gabby had fun on my shoulder, I was moving to the rhythm of the music that the adults were line dancing to and, when I went to put her down she wanted back up again to watch the ladies dancing.  It makes me wonder if these little girls will end up in dance in the future.

We had a good time, and it was fun to see the girls try new things.  We kept laughing because Mirna always had such a serious face when she was riding the rides.  I think it's amazing what things you can see about a child's personality, based on what they want to see and do.It makes you wonder what the future brings, and how those little personalities and characters will develop.

Hope to enjoy this weekend with my grandparents.  I'll be posting from Wyoming!


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