Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in

I have come to the conclusion that my progress is hampered by the fact that I don't eat in any sort of natural rhythm.  I eat "grazing" style when I have nothing particular to do and when I have a project I'm really focused on like when I'm working outside I don't eat until I get light headed, shaky or a headache.  I am pretty good about drinking water and sun-coverage however, never fear.  Well, nothing lost but also nothing gained!  Alright I own up to it, I'm not the world's best example of self control when it comes to food and my weight.  Thus our weekly fess-up sessions.  At least this is helping me to write every week, though...

So with the non-committal weather typical of the Utah Spring season, it has been very touch and go with the yard so far.  Very irksome, however we will prevail!  Do you remember the photos I showed you two weeks ago, of the blackberry walk in the back of the yard?  I was able to capture a little snapshot for you to show you the progress I have made with it so far.

I know it looks like only a little, because I have also been working on clearing up the top of the yard so that I can get my raised bed in, and plant my veg and herb sprouts.  Here is what I have been working on:

I promise I will make sure to post updates as soon as I can on these.  Unfortunately I decided to work until after dark, literally.  It was 9:49 pm when I finally came inside for good.  So it was a little too dark to take photos for you on my progress.  Until next time.

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