Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekly Wednesday

Dear Readers:

Unfortunately due to many stresses on my body this week, I am unable to do a proper Wednesday blog.  I will however give you a few little yardly news updates....

I finally got my raised bed frame, have built it and have acquired the nessesary soils needed to setup my garden on the cement pad on the south side of the house!!  I can't wait to get started.  I promise that in the next few days I will post the updated photo's I took of everything today.

I also finally planted my second batch of seeds but this time it was mostly flowers.  Like my others I will be sharing them with a friend but I intend to plant at least some of these in the flower bed on the corner of our side walk as it rounds the house.  I have been making some progress on that area as well but my mom pointed out that I was doing it the hard way and made a suggestion that should expedite the entire clean-up process.

Anyway, hope that your week has been lovely, and I look forward to writing again really soon.


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