Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Ramblings

So I actually went out of town over night last Friday and went 4-wheeling on ATVs for the first time on Saturday, and I forgot to take pictures!  I actually remembered to take the camera, but neglected to bring it down that day so that we could have our friends take photos for us.  I can't believe myself.

Other than that I wasn't able to get a whole lot done outside either because I've been working for my two jobs and it's rained a lot.  I did however find some really big mushrooms growing in the lawn on the bottom part of the yard and I thought I could make some really cool mushroom prints with them (for how to go to Martha

Also I was able to eat the first strawberries off our plants!  They were small but very tasty.    Anyway these were the little joys I'm celebrating this week.  Hope yours was just as full.


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