Sunday, June 6, 2010

Irregular Saturday Update!

So dear readers I'm sure you noticed a significant lack of blogging this last Wednesday.  That is because yours truly was getting ready for a surprise birthday for my father-in-law.  Lots of hard work!  We had a really fun time.  It was a small party consisting of us my father-in-law's siblings and their respective spouses as well as a neighbor or two.

So although I still haven't lost anymore weight, I have not gained any either.  I think I am gaining however gardener's endurance and pain tolerance.  My body doesn't ache quite as bad as it did when I first started working on the yard. However,  I still end up exhausted at the end of the day even if I'm not super sore. Wow, who knew this would happen.  I hope that you like what I've done with the place so far.

So here are those long awaited  "before and after" photos that I promised:

I spent most of today working on the flower bed by the sidewalk, and one of my next porch projects to tackle is cleaning and organizing the closet under the stairs to the upstairs porch.  Wish me luck!


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Andrew said...

What a cool patio!