Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekly weigh-in and update

Ever have cleaning cause more severe harm than a couple stiff muscles and aches?  Well, a week from this last Monday, I somehow managed to do just that.  Thanks to a severely pulled back muscle I have not exercised once this week, or gotten to any of my cleaning.  My husband made the edict at the end of last week when he realized exactly how much pain I was living with.  However, I am pleased to say that last week after my fifth consecutive week of exercise I weighed 184.9 lbs!  I have gone back up some over the last few days, but have tried to regulate my eating in the mean time so that I can some how manage not to undo my hard work over the last 5 weeks.

You'll be pleased to know that while I have been taking it easy, I have also been trying to catch up on some of my hand projects and come up with some things to put into the Myrtilles Etsy store.    You'll have to go over and check them out.

Thanks for your support and for coming to visit.  Hope that you enjoy your end of February 2011.


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