Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready and Rarin' to Go!

Well, I will tell you, I can't wait for the weather to sort itself out enough, for me to go out on a day off and start cleaning up the yard.  My mom came over two weeks ago and looked over what I had accomplished last year, and gave me pointers for what I could try to work on this early spring season to help the garden flourish. 

 Most of the bushes although we cut them back a ton, are still way over grown looking, and the roses that I never got around to last year are looking definitely deranged.

I look forward to going out and cleaning them up before they can get to big a start on growing so that they will fill in the right way and hopefully we will get a lot more flowers.

 I know I need to make a fresh attack on the weeds that are trying to over run my garden boxes, and the blackberries over in the corner of the yard behind the shed.  With any luck we might have a bigger produce with those as well! ♥

Any way I have a lot of progress to make, wish me luck!

~ Fraise

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