Friday, April 1, 2011

New Stuff, Fun Stuff

For anyone that doesn't know yet I decided to revamp my Etsy store, and have been hard at work trying to come up with some fun stuff to share with the masses.  I recently posted some felt clips, and some of my crochet work.  I think my inspiration lately had been my sketchbooks and doodles. 

I have a whole lot more ideas, and I can't wait to get them finished and up.

I also had fun in the photography session I did as prep work for the Etsy post.  My husband's cousin has four daughters and when I asked for their help they were more than happy to oblige.  I couldn't finish the clips fast enough.  The got the real model treatment; I picked out their clothes, then did their hair and make-up.  I had a blast figuring out how to take their typical clothes and try to to make outfits that would help me showcase my stuff best.

The funnest was when I took my own tank  off after putting it onto the eight year old turning it into pretty race- back dress/tunic.  Paired with with her older sister's bolero sweater, we came up with the perfect look.

I even lucked out that she had three day old swim hair, and so we celebrated the messy look in all of her pictures, from a messy bun, to crazy hair and loose pig tails.

I even got some unique photos because the oldest who is a gymnast kept doing funny things like hanging upside down, to top it off she couldn't stop laughing.

They're mom was generous enough to lend me their camera for this and then gave me a DVD with the photos (so she could keep the photos of her daughters).  She even went as far as to compliment me and say that I should come down when they have their family photos done, to help out with hair and stuff.

I've even finally gotten tags, and cards printed so that my stuff feels more professional and put together!!!! YAY!

Well, I hope that you like the new stuff.  Tomorrow I hope to get some photos up of the progress I've been making in the yard and the secret project in the living room.  Wish me luck!


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