Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bigger Than I Imagined

 So I decided to take a little break from working on the flower bed on the south part of the yard to try to get the roses cut back before they really start growing.  I thought it would take me a half of an hour to cut all the stems back and I'd be done with it.  Little did I know....

I had to "dig" to find the ground and the base of the bushes so I knew how short to cut them!

Not only were the rose bushes ridiculously overgrown, but the with the 7+ years of dead leaves piled on top of the ground in those beds the ground cover had started to overgrow the base of the rose bushes just so that they could get light and air too.  It's a much bigger mess than I imagined. 

It took me an hour to clear out this area  that's about 3-4 feet wide and about 5 feet to the wall.  When I saw how much farther than down the wall this expanse of rose purgatory went I decided what I aught to do is try to do a little on each side of the yard, every time I was out working.  WOW, talk about underestimating a job.  Though I'm learning quickly this is what I should be expecting with this yard.

I also decided to clear out the branches my father-in-law cut down and cut back the other bush, since that seems relatively straight forward. 

Slowly but surely this yard is coming together.


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