Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Cookie Dreams

Ever realize how fun and funny making sugar cookies with a 3 year old can be?  I never did either until yesterday, when Mirna helped me make the sugar cookies dough left over from her birthday party on Friday.

We had fun picking out the cutters she wanted to use and she even designated who was to eat what shape from the first batch out of the oven.

Here she decided to try and roll the dough out herself.  She was a lot more forceful and abusive with the dough than I thought she would be.

I taught her to keep her hand flat when I handed her the cookies to put on the cookie sheet.  Sh had started out pinching them between her fingers and they would fall apart halfway to the sheet.

I also had to show her how to press hard enough that it would cut the dough and not just leave an impression.

She even picked up some smaller pieces that had not stuck to the main ball and tried to press and shape them together like I was doing in prep to roll it out again. 

Oh, they're done!

Happy Wednesday!


PS. We got our first order on the etsy store after posting the new stuff! Yay!

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