Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Updates and Garden Stuff

So, I know it seems like I dropped off the face of the planet for a week and a half, but the blood donation I gave ended up as anemia.  I bore you with the details of the ordeal, just know that I slept a lot and didn't really feel like doing much, because I was so dizzy most of the time.  I will say that after while I got a real longing to go out and work in my garden.  Last Saturday I went outside and happen to see this:

My father-in-law, decided to help me out by cutting the rest of the large branches of the bush I was working on., This makes, in part, my job a little easier.  However I will still have to clean up the rose bushes and hopefully will be able to pull out the branches that are folding down the top of the wooden fence.  ☺

I was able to go out on Friday and do a little bit of weeding.  I was able to get rid of the horrible crop of grass that was taking over my little square-foot garden boxes.  In the process I made several interesting discoveries.

That some of my lettuce greens that had survived the winter were actually other plants like a broccoli, and that two of my radishes had also survived the winter, although they were very woody at the bottom, and kinda dry so we decided it best not to try to eat them.  How funny.

I also in my daily little walks outside, to get some air, I realized that in looking at the beds that those bushes were in I had caught the vision of what I would like to do with them.  This got me really excited.  I started imagining, wattle towers with trails of morning glory and clematis.


I could see where some ground covers needed to be placed and how I wanted to shape and define the path. I was so excited. So I decided that I needed to map out and and sketch my ideas.

I know that this sketch doesn't really do justice to the plan I have in my head (besides not scanning very well).  But you get the general idea.  The archway would have a wisteria vine growing on it and I would be adding rose bushes, as well as the ground cover and some wild flowers too.

Well, I'll keep dreaming away until the rain lets up here.  Happy Tuesday.


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