Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catching Up

Does it ever feel like if you focus on one task and complete it another one or more seem to pop up out of nowhere?  Or even if you focus on one that you are neglecting 10 others.  I'm struggling to work on and complete some of the projectson my sewing table right now, partly as a means to feel like I'm getting the things people ask me to get done and partly to have some sanity in that corner of my house.  Though in doing so I feel like I am neglecting the mess that has crept up in the office as well as the ironing that I need to get done, and sorting the portion of baby clothes that I just washed.  As you can see the list goes on and on.

This is not to complain but to illustrate how my mind works, and how sometimes this line of thinking can lead me to sort of freeze, get discouraged and then get nothing accomplished at all in the end.  Like I go to start one thing then think of another thing that may or may not be more important that maybe I should be doing instead, and so forth, then never start any of them because I cannot seem to put them in an order of importance.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?

It's just a frustrating aspect of my personality,  I think that also might be one reason I have so many projects started, and then it takes me a while to finish them.  I get them started and then run out of steam if I don't have an approaching deadline to get them done, so I stop working on them because I'm bored, them something else will strike my fancy, so I start a new project in the mean time.  I mean well and I fully intend to finish the first project, it's just that I'm eliminating the boredom factor, so in trying to work on them each, trading off I end up taking much longer to accomplish projects than I could and more often should.

I should probably just do what I did on my mission to help myself to not think of distractions like movies, books, art and craft projects, music or just random ideas for things that I had no time for, as well as being an inappropriate use of my time.  I had a note book that I kept on my desk, and later on in my mission my companions had fun looking through the stuff I had written in there as a means to keep myself focused.  I wonder if I should start a new notebook, to serve the same function.  That way I wouldn't forget the projects, etc that I am interested in and I could use that to help me steadfastly stay focused on the projects I start as well and use my time wisely as I go.  I might also be a way of remembering how much time and effort are still left to complete tasks I have already started, as a means to motivate myself to actually finish in a more timely manner.

Wish me luck!


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