Friday, June 17, 2011

Horsey, horsey, on your way.....

We got to take the girls to feed horses for the first time on Tuesday.  Some one has a pasture whose fence lines the the corner of the park near their house.  We decided to go look at the horses and when she saw me feed some grass to the horse Mirna of course wanted to try.

At first she would hold it out long enough for the horse to smell it but if he got his mouth any closer, she would squeal and drop the grass.

It took me having her hold the grass with me and show her that the horse wasn't trying to her her by allowing the hose to nibble the grass from my fingers and touch my hand with his lips.  After I explained that she had to hold the grass steady so that the horse could take it from her she was so excited to try again and a gain.  She kept insisting that I procure more grass for her to feed the horse.

Each time she successfully fed the horse a handful of grass, she would say, "Sisi, I did!" and then give me a hug.

I tried to do the same thing with Gabby but even when she was holding the grass with me she would still jerk her hand away when the horse's mouth got close.  Marina ended up feeding the other horse in the pasture while Gabby looked on, wandering between us.

Oh well, I suppose even though for the most part Gabby, who is the more fearless of the two, still has her own reservations.

Well, I hope that you find something today to give you a smile!


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