Monday, June 13, 2011

A Dog She's Not Afraid Of

Mirna has always been at least a little nervous around dogs even small ones, ans she has seemed even a little scared of the bigger ones.  I'm not sure where the fear came from other than perhaps a big dog barking loudly when they were on walks when she was smaller perhaps, heck I think her mother might even be nervous around those bigger dogs too.  The funny things is that Gabby loves dogs, so I'm clueless as to how that all happened.

When we got to the park on Tuesday, there was a family with a Yorkie Schnauzer mix puppy (adorable!!!) that both girls were so intrigued by.  Mirna insisted on holding it and they could not stop petting it.  We had to explain how to hold the puppy and that one does not throw the puppy, but in the end she didn't want to stop holding it.  The little four year-old that owned the puppy was very protective, and followed Mirna everywhere.

In the end I told Marina she would be lucky to get out of there without Mirna wanting to take the puppy home, but it all ended well.  I think they eventually wanted to go play on the slide and the puppy was forgotten.  It was just so fun to see her around a dog she wasn't nervous about.  With the exception that I think her parents aren't too keen on having a pet, Mirna would love to have a puppy.


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