Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goats, Lambs and Family History

Josh (38 years old)
Grandpa Bob Root (45 years old)
Through one of my husband's paternal lines the Fishburns of Kansas there has evolved a yearly event called appropriately the Fishburn Family Goat Roast.  Everyone travels to Kansas and "roughs it" as Grammy likes to say.  

They have a family auction, an annual hat competition and celebrate a long and rich family history.  Though we have not yet been able to go to the annual shin-dig we've heard all the stories from our dear Grammy and Grandpa Root.  

According to Grandpa it started out as a cousins reunion for the 35 Fishburn cousins that took place as on of his cousin's farm.  He said it took place in November due to the farmers' growing season.  One of the meats that was cooked that year was a goat, so they decided that the next year they would have the reunion again and the next year they would start calling it a goat roast.

Goats it seems have played a large part of the family's life.  So since it is the goat roast the theme is goats and family history.  Grandpa has goats all over the house that were purchases from the auction and even models of past contributions to the Goat Roast.   Grandpa collects goats.

Grammy is a University of Kentucky fan, "true blue" as she would say.  She has decorated her game room in blue and white and wildcats.  She loves her basketball team.  Her other passion is dolls.

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