Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teeing Off

I never got the chance to add the details of our last day in Kentucky, due to our preparations to go back home to Utah.  My husband thought it would still be pertinent to add it in now so that we have a complete log of our vacation. 

The Friday before we left we did a lot of filming.  Mostly stories about Grandpa when he was younger, and going through photos.  However the highlight of our day was tee-ing off at the mini-golf course near the airport.  It was decorated with jockeys and horses in various racing poses. 

You've never been mini-golfing until you've played with two veteran pros.  Grammy and Grandpa even had they're own special putters in the back of their car since they go so often.  We had a fun time trying to figure out not just how to get the balls into the hole, but with these professionals it was all about efficiency, and skill.  It was serious stuff!

We all ended up getting at least one hole-in-one.  Grammy made a particularly spectacular move on one hole by getting her ball to go into the river at just the right spot so that it would snag on a grate and roll onto the lower green right next to the hole. 

Grandpa was always observing the curve of the green and the lay of the land from the start to the hole.  He even spotted that one of the holes was misleading.  It had a row of giant horse shoes lined up to appear that it lead directly to the hole.  He pointed out that the way it was setup at the end, the ball would more likely ricochet off a shoe or a pole and go veering off in the green or the flower bed next to it.  I had never played a more fun but serious game of mini-golf.

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