Monday, August 6, 2012

Kentucky Fried

Howdy from Kentucky!  We finally made it here to visit Grammy and Grandpa Root.  After the standby flying fiasco last year we made sure to buy tickets this year.  I ended up managing to get a cold, and by the time we got into Cincinnati I was super congested.

We went to White Castle, a fast food chain based mainly in the east.    Josh said, "White Castle has a sandwich they call "Sliders".  I couldn't figure out why at the time.  After a few hours... I found out.  They have little fried sandwiches on dinner rolls mostly grease with a little beef and onions (mine was fired halibut and cheese).

Yesterday, we started out with Grammy's big southern breakfast with ham, bacon, fresh eggs, toast, cinnamon rolls, and a fruit salad.  Unfortunately she realized to late she was out of grits.  It turned out she had three boxes of corn meal instead.

Then we got a tour of Grammy's garden.  She showed us her flowers and trees in all their variety.

She's most proud of her crépe myrtle and her her redbud trees.

Grammy says that she has 30 different roses in her garden, and that it is a pity we visited after they were done blooming.

They showed us the rocks that they had.  Many of the large stones that make up the paths in the garden are fossils they dug up on this very property.  You can see the fossils of shell fish, showing that this area was probably underwater at one point.  

The other notable rock was "The Pebble" a rock that Grammy brought with them from their home in Crown Point, Indiana.  It's got a beautiful layers on it that sparkle in the sun almost like a granite crossed with an oyster shell.

Grammy also loves to decorate with seashells they have picked up over the years on their trips to Florida during the winter.  Grammy calls Panama Beach their second home.

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