Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Stand All Amazed

It is amazing what a spiritual recharge just from going to church can do for you.  I don't often share anything about my spirituality here where anyone can see, usually because I feel that there is a time and place for it, but those that know me in real life understand how my personal faith is very much a part of who I am.

There is nothing to help one break away from bad and self indulgent thoughts, or self deprecating inner talk than to go somewhere that is just like going home, even if you don't understand a word that's being said.  I was a little apprehensive on the way to church today, about the language barrier, not to mention finding the new chapel location, when the internet didn't give a specific street number.  As soon as I walked up to the missionaries and then into the chapel door, even though, I only understood very little, everything felt right.  Thankfully many of the members speak English, and I was befriended by a delightful investigator that is going to be baptized this Saturday (who also served as my translator and ride home).  There were six missionaries there, four elders (young men) and two sister missionaries.  They were all so nice and helpful.  I felt right at home.  Almost as if I was on my own mission again.  (In fact I almost reverted back to my own mission slang a few times, but they wouldn't understand franglais = french + english).

I had a wonderful time.  They even had Croatian hymn books (apparently they are just printed for here, not sold at the LDS (Latter Day Saint or Mormon) distribution center in Salt Lake City).  I think that this week I will definitely have to work on reading aloud and sounding out so that I can keep up in singing next week at meetings.  I felt so welcome, and I enjoyed getting to know some of the young single adults and youth.  I was invitied to the activities this week as well as the baptism on Saturday.  How wonderful it is to be so far from home and truly feel like to are still with family, and included.   Both my wonderful hosts here in Marina's family and at church.  It is truly the best.  I can see clearer and I feel the warmth inside my heart that I have been needing.  

Marina said that I have coined my own unique phrase while staying here: super fino.  A euphemism that is in part an adaption from French slang using "super" to indicate a heightened or extended version of something and "fino" which is common Croatian slang for "good" or "fine" (usually indicating one's food).  I feel like that indicates my taste for life right at this moment....SUPER FINO!

~ Fraise

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