Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something Smells Good....

I have one word for you...Aromatica.

Today, Marina had to go to the dentist, so I got to walk around the area with camera in hand and explore a bit.  She showed me where the old LDS "chapel" was (really just a flat on the third floor that they were renting until the congregation grew and they could build the current building). She said it was where she used to go for English lessons back when she lived here with her parents.

I happened upon the offices for the Croatian Olympic Committee, and generally found fun little details to take photos of.  There was also an underground shopping center i.e. mall that was connected to the tunnel that runs under the train yard at the main station in Zagreb.  This tunnel allows people to get downtown without having to go clear around the station, etc.  The mall is very confusing maze and you get down to it as you would a subway station.  just past the stairs from the end of the tunnel.  The tunnel itself is lined with shops and eateries, selling everything from underwear to groceries and baked goods.  It was a good place to get out of the wind when I was waiting for Marina.

Afterward she showed me a couple of famous small parks, museums and the French embassy.  We ate roasted chestnuts on the way and window shopped as we walked.  Then we got to Aromatica.  Wow.  From the moment you walked in the door, you were embraced by the relaxing smell of Lavender.  It was intoxicating.

Aromatica is the brand of organic herbal products produced locally in Croatia by the company BIOAROMATICA.  Established 18 years ago, they produce a multitude of toiletries, oils, and even kitchen herbs and spices, from the plants grown in Northern Croatia.  The products are wonderful, and made by hand here in Croatia as well (for  full details see the website).  They even had some unusual flavors such as: Quince, Cedar, Melissa, Sage and Rosemary.  Marina had told me about them before, but I was really impressed.

It really made our evening.  It even turned out that the lady running the shop had family in Salt Lake, and she said she would write and put them in touch with Marina when we got back.  The world is truly a small place.


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