Monday, November 22, 2010

Mic - Mic Mačka

(pronounced: mitz mitz matchka = kitty-kitty cat)  Meet Fusa, a super social, sweet and soft new friend of mine.  She was Marina's baby when she lived here before leaving for the States.

She's mostly an outdoor cat, though she comes into the kitchen some times with people when she's hungry, or wants attention.  Marina says she was the kitten of the cat they had before and the first and only cat she had taken to the vet.  My little friend even has her own house out in the garden, which she sleeps in a lot of the time when it's been raining.

She's gotten used to me and will come over to me when I call either "Fusa," "mic-mic" or make kitty noises when she's in the vicinity.  She also very friendly and loving when she comes up to me rather than being skittish like some cats are.

She seems okay with Mirna too, though Marina told me that she scratched Mirna at first when Mirna pulled her tail.  I'm glad that Mirna had gotten used to having a cat around, since she's kinda scared of dogs.   I'm so happy to be half-way around the world and still be able to get some kitty love. ☺

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