Saturday, November 20, 2010

On A Side Note.....

I thought I would take some time to show you the wonderful people I am staying with.  Today, I would like to introduce you to the cutest little girls I know.  My nieces, Mirna and Gabby.

Mirna is the older daughter of Marina, and the more rambunctious goofball.  She's always full of energy and she loves her baka (grandma) and daddy very much.  She likes to color with me and we can spend up to about 30 straight at one time coloring and drawing together.  She looks the most like her dad and we suspect has her dad's personality too.

She is definitely not a morning person and we are lucky if we can get hr eat anything other than her herbal tea for breakfast.  In fact she has her own ideas about organized meal s times all together.  She will sometimes sneak things if one of us leaves sweets out and I've gotten her to eat, when she decides to mimic me on occasion.  We have a lot of fun going for walks and to the park and she loves the swings.  She's a little scared of dogs (in all varieties) but loves kats and frequently shouts out "mic-mic" (pronounced mitz-mitz which means kitty kitty) whenever she sees one.

Yasmina Gabriela or Gabby is our usually peaceful and contemplative girl.  She is Marina's younger daughter, and the most like Marina when she was little.  At a year and two months she is already walking (mostly holding your finger, but she has walked on her own) as well as mimiking words and sounds we make.

 Baka sings them a song when she swings an plays with them that starts out "we-we we-we....."  Both Mirna and Gabby are always saying "we-we, we-we."  It was so amazing for me to get here and to see her walking and hear her saying words.  When I saw her last she refused to learn how to crawl and would stand on your lap if you held her.  It's curious how fast babies grow and develop, I find it just astonishing.  She's usually pretty happy and she loves to be tickled.  If she's not being held, sleeping or in her high chair she's always got one adult by the finger dragging them around in the garden or the house.  It's a marvel.

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