Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Last Sunday

It's hard to believe that I leave in only three days.  It seemed like I would be here forever when I got here!  It seemed to slip away so fast.  Today was my last Sunday to attend church in this delightful branch of the church.

 Me, back: Elder Pasche, Elder Hadley, front: Elder Nita, Elder Wood

I decided to give the missionaries a final parting Christmas gift, and drew some visual aids for teaching the Plan of Salvation, as some of them mentioned wishing for something like that.  I also wrote down some of the activities that we had done when I was in the mission field to encourage members and investigators.

 Sister Nelson, Me, Sister Stratton

They were so happy!  It felt good to be able to contribute to the missionary work here.

Me, Daniel, background: Ljubica (Daniel's mom)

I have made some awesome friends here.  They have been so kind and have made me feel really at home.  I got the chance to spend a little more time with Daniel and his mom today as we were riding the same tram, they even waited with me until Zdenko came to pick me up.

 Jasna and Me

I have come to realize that there are two kind of people in this world those that are content to stay where it is comfortable and safe, in surroundings that they are accustomed to.  The other type is one that can fit in and feel comfortable almost anywhere, even if they don't speak the language or know the local customs, they adapt and grow through their experiences. Marina said that for her she needs the support system and comfort of her family and friends to help her feel at peace.

I'm coming to realize that I am more of the latter.  It's true I will always miss my family no matter where I am, but I feel at home, and an adjust my life to where ever I happen to find myself.    I think the reason that I am able to adapt so easily is not just my love and excitement for the adventure of discovering a new culture and language.  I think it is also the way I "find my center," as Marina puts it, is in the local ward or branch or ward in the church.  I feel like I belong no matter where I am and I feel connected through the members and the friendships I make there.

Maybe it helps that I am a free spirit too.  Always to some extent "doing my own thing."  What ever that special something is, my genuine personality and and original zest shine through and I find my place even when I am quite literally "out of place."


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