Monday, November 1, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive

so yeah.....
I know, I know.  I'm falling back into my old habits.   But it's my birthday today, so you can forgive me right?

I've been busy too.  We had to move locations at my job and I'm getting ready to go out of the country for two weeks on the 16th.  I've also been busy with some projects, which are here for your viewing pleasure:

I've made this hat pattern several times and it has always turned out really cute.  This time however I decided to use my baby yarn and add a Scandinavian snow flake design.  I know it's hard to see since the pink doesn't exactly stand out against the white but it was my first time ever doing a fair isle style knit pattern.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I only wished I had done one more row of cables as the hat is a little shallow.

A bracelet that I crocheted using a baby headband pattern that my boss had me try out with some yarn she had to see if she had the right gauge yarn.  (She didn't).  However, I loved the pattern and decided to see what it looked like using a gold pearl cotton I have that has metallic gold fibers wrapped around it.  I love this one especially since when you hold it in the sun it actually looks like crocheted gold.

This one is a hat I made for a gift.  It's the same hat pattern I've always used except I added a colored sripe and used some pretty shiny ribbon to knit some of the rows.  I think it really turned out nice, as it was hard to come up with a fun thing to do with brown neutrals.

This is a type of scarf that you knit on circular needles that connects and forms a pseudo turtle neck that you can wear scrunched up or up over your nose.  I tried a pattern with a new stitch called he feather and fan, that results in this sort of wavy look.  I had knitted several rows and couldn't figure out why it kept decreasing.  I looked up a yarn over and lo and behold I was doing it all wrong and had to start over again.  I had fun working in a bouclé yarn to make subtle stripes.

I finished the crocheted embroidery floss yarn scarf and thought you's like to see it on.  Over all it went really fast and I like the way it looks much better than before I re-did it.

These last two are head bands that I did using store bought elastic head bands from the dollar store and adding crocheted flowers leaves beads and buttons.

Overall I feel like I've been very creative and that I have learned a ton.  Now if I can only get caught up with Christmas presents. ^^0

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